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9-13 42,800 Hope is more powerful than a wish.
“Life is you taking pictures. Some are bad, some are good.
Make sure you take shots of the ones that have a good effect on you.” – Maria Pineda-Meneses (11)
Strong-willed and witty eleven-year-old Maddy is a caught up in the tapestry of pre-adolescent life. What complicates it for her is the grief she is experiencing four years after her father is tragically killed in an accident that Maddy blames herself for. The anguish, anxiety, and guilt won’t go away.
The story begins on a night Mum has the new boyfriend over. Maddy experiences a recurring nightmare bringing back horrific memories of the car accident and losing her father two days later when he doesn’t wake from a coma.
Maddy’s determination to take one thousand snapshots of significant moments and people in her life lead to an encounter with a Willy Wagtail (Djidi Djidi) that becomes a metaphor for her hope. However, Maddy learns the virtue of patience as she fails in her many attempts to take a photo of the Willy Wagtail.
Maddy is an ordinary, yet extraordinary, eleven-year-old with friendship and school issues. Her robust relationship with Mitch, a friend since early childhood is tested. An emerging friendship with Tiana, provides more challenges for Maddy as she comes to grips with the possibility of having a ‘BFF’ for the first time in her life.
Maddy experiences cyber bullying by the ‘Plastic Populars’ after being voted vice-captain of her local football team, the Bayside Blues, and her Mum posting a picture of her on Instagram.
Escalating hormones make things even more complicated as Maddy struggles with mood changes and her first period, the morning before a football match in the rain.
As the narrative unfolds and the threads of the subplots resolve, the story presents itself as a remarkable tapestry of life for a pre-teen.
Snapshot embraces themes of grief, stereotyping, conflict, cyber bullying.

The Second book in the Bayside Blues series – can be a strong stand alone novel.

Snapshot Cover Letter

Snapshot Manuscript

Curse of the Pilfered Penny   (Working Title)

9-13 ?? Superstitious twelve-year-old Jason has just missed six weeks of football due to a broken arm he received when a black cat ran out in front of him the morning before a football match. The story starts with Jason in the doctor’s surgery waiting room, about to get his plastery cocoon removed. He hasn’t seen his father since he walked out on the family six months earlier. Jason has a growing crush on Tiana, Maddy’s friend who has a secret crush on Jason. Jason’s superstitions turn to curses when he and his friends discover a pouch of valuable antique pennies in the cellar of an old (haunted) house. Jason and Tiana recount what happens before, during and after they and their friends discover the pennies. Complication on complication build in the narrative in alternating chapters as told by Jason and Tiana. Things become ultra-complex when Jason and Tiana discover their single parents are dating each other and Jason’s dad turns up. Will they find out about their crush on each other? Will the friends get to keep the proceeds of the valuable pennies? Will Jason transition back into the Bayside Blues football team after his long break? Will the curse of the pilfered penny lift?

The third book in the Bayside Blues series – can be a strong stand alone novel.

Curse of the Pilfered Penny WIP