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Dragon Tears

6-10 843 One small dragon who can’t breathe fire struggles to come to grips with her father being away on a quest. Her grief affects her social confidence and she is unable to ignite her spark (chispa) to power her flame. After being teased by the other young dyragons she wanders the forest on her own. She comes across a dragon called The Arrow of Fire who sets her on a quest to find Chauchador the Royal Emperor, guardian of the Treasures in the Caves of Drach. It is here where she finds courage to face her grief and fears to return the power of her Chispa. The story is set on the Spanish Islands of Manorca and Mallorca where dragons rule. Dragon Tears Cover Letter

Dragon Tears Manuscript

The Money Pouch

6-10 1046 On their way home from a makeshift football field, Amish and his little brother Suhas find a small money pouch. They are faced with the dilemma of choosing what to do. Their decision to find the owner of the pouch leads them on a search throughout the small village clinging to the side of the Himalayan Mountains. They come up short until they are confronted with an unexpected revelation at the family meal table that evening. The Money Pouch Cover Letter

The Money Pouch Manuscript