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Title Age Word count Synopsis Downloads
Anemones Aren’t Enemies
3-7 345

Penny the Tomato Clownfish is afraid to join her mum and dad swimming and frolicking in the tentacles of Hennie the Sea Anemone. With some encouragement and learning about symbiotic relationships she finds the courage to flip her fins and join her parents.

Anemones cover letter

Anemones Manuscript

Avô, King of Pool
6-9 363

Up till recently Alexi’s Avô (Grandad) was king of the pool table, but since the onset of Alzheimer’s he doesn’t remember how to play anymore. A powerful poetic picture book that follows a child’s journey as she struggles with her grandfather having Alzheimer’s Disease.

Avô cover Letter

Avô Manuscript

Boxes and Bubbles
6-9 335 A nameless child allows light to remove the dark places from the bleak, shadowy box they have been living in. After sharing a dark secret the light allows the child to live more fereely in their bubble. The bubble is a safe place and brings colour back to their life.

Boxes and Bubbles cover Letter

Boxes and Bubbles Manuscript

Don’t Press My Buttons
4-7 497

The story follows Branson from his birth through childhood. He is born with one button, an outie (navel). Then he discovers his scream button and his smile button. As he grows, he is confronted with more buttons, each relating to a feeling he experiences. Problems occur when Branson thinks others are pressing his buttons and too many get pressed at once. Branson decides that he is the only one allowed to press his buttons and become boss of his own feelings. With his mum’s help he discovers his BREATHE button.

Buttons Cover Letter

Buttons Manuscript

Dragon Tears
6-10 843

One small dragon who can’t breathe fire struggles to come to grips with her father being away on a quest. Her grief affects her social confidence and she is unable to ignite her spark (chispa) to power her flame. After being teased by the other young dragons she wanders the forest on her own. She comes across a dragon called The Arrow of Fire who sets her on a quest to find Chauchador the Royal Emperor, guardian of the Treasures in the Caves of Drach. It is here where she finds courage to face her grief and fears to return the power of her Chispa. The story is set on the Spanish Islands of Manorca and Mallorca where dragons rule.

Dragon Cover Letter

Dragon Manuscript

Dropping a Stitch
4-8 308

Milli loves knitting with her grandmother. When she visits, Grandma Ninny is no longer able to knit with her as she is experiencing early stages of Alzheimer’s. Milli doesn’t know how to talk with Ninny anymore. One day she takes out her knitting and has a nice surprise when Ninny engages with her when she drops a stitch.

Dropping Cover Letter

Dropping Manuscript

Fraser, The Eraser, and The One Week Green Genie
5-8 766 Fraser’s eraser goes missing. When he inadvertently wishes for a new eraser, the One Week Green Genie grants his wish. The new eraser is magic. It fixes Fraser’s writing and many other things. One thing it can’t fix is his friend Sasha’s Autism. With assistance from the Genie, Fraser learns that the eraser only fixes mistakes and his friend Sasha is not a mistake. She has a disability.

Fraser Cover Letter

Fraser Manuscript

Friends Are Good For You
6-9 196 A perky, poetic exploration of the ins and out, ups and downs of friendship that leads the reader to giggle, gulp and celebrate the essence of what being a friend means.

Friends Cover Letter

Friends Manuscript

Harmer the Charmer
4-8 499

After considering all of the possibilities at the pet shop, Harmer is determined to get a pet snake for her seventh birthday. Her dad tries to talk her into a puppy, after all, they can do tricks, but he promised Harmer she could have any pet she liked. Harmer ends up winning out but is disappointed when she can’t teach her new snake Terrence any tricks, until one day when she brings a recorder home from school and Terrence (the Stimpson’s Python) surprises her.

Harmer Cover Letter

Harmer Manuscript

Harold the Horrid
4-8 508

Harold the Horrid is a humourous rhyming tale, a twist on old traditional tales that often portray dragons as something to be feared. The king’s daughter, Ameera is cursed with a terrible illness from a spell cast by an evil wizard/knight called Harold the Horrid. The king offers a handsome treasure to anyone who can rid the land of the rascal. Azila, the well-mannered, wise dragon answers the call and saves the princess from Harold the Horrid’s curse?

Harold Cover Letter

Harold Manuscript

How Far Can a Dog run Into a Forest?
3-6 204 The old riddle of how far a dog can run into a forest is explored in this succinct picture book that considers all of the possible scenarios based on some of the typical antics dogs get up to. It is a lot of fun and has a few twists.

How Far Cover Letter

How Far Manuscript

4-8 183 A playful alphabet of alliterated insects. A creative A-Z of entomology. From Aphids and Ants to Zygoptera, an observation of the antics of insects and bugs.

Insectabet Cover Letter

Insectabet Manuscript

Might Pigs Fly
5-8 546

The Might brothers plan to be the first pigs to fly. Orswille and Willboar share their scheme in a whimsical way with the farmyard animals as they collect the items they need to make their magnificent flying machine. Moving from early antagonism from the other animals to encouragement, Orswille and Wilboar create their machine. There is much cheering from the animals as they achieve their historic flight.

Might Pigs Cover Letter

Might Pigs Manuscript

Mind Your Manners Goannas
3-8 463

A peculiarly whimsical way of presenting the common expressions of manners using alliteration, rhymes, goannas, geckos and lizards. Please, Thank You and Sorry have never had such a platform to encourage kids to have good manners.

Manners Cover Letter

Manners Manuscript

No Rhymes Allowed
4-8 435

A mischievous and quirky book that discourages the reader from turning each page on their quest to find just one rhyme. The reader is finally rewarded as the cheeky character is thwarted and an unexpected rhyme appears towards the end of the book. This is a book that kids will want to read again and again and one more time.

No Rhymes Cover Letter

No Rhymes Manuscript

Not My Friend Anymore
5-8 443

The story of a girl who is so mad at her friend that she says, ‘She’s so… not my friend anymore.’ A rhyming journey that helps children understand the steps in conflict resolution as the two girls discover what caused the problem in their friendship and how they decide to repair it.

Not My Friend Cover Letter

Not My Friend Manuscript

5-8 510

Young Stirling Tucker learns about humility in a unique way. He starts by putting tickets on himself when he brags about how good he is. But the tickets fall off. It is not until he learns about STICKETS, that he understands about not bragging and putting himself ahead of others. At the end of the story his Stickets stay stuck.

Stickets Cover Letter

Stickets Manuscript

The Girl Who Went From Good To Sad To Mad To Bad To Sad To Bed to Better
4-7 339 Lani and Izzy are friends, but Lani struggles with something that happens at school when Izzy says she is mean. Lani goes through a potpourri of feelings as she works through the conflict. With the help of her mother and after some reflection at bedtime, Lani decides she wants to resolve the problem with Izzy and practices what she will say to her the next day.

GSMDSBB cover Letter

GSMBSBB Manuscript

To the Forest or Bust
4-8 403 All the animals are invited to a party in the forest. How will they get there? Who’s going to drive? A peculiarly, poetically playful appraisal of what might happen if animals were allowed to drive vehicles.

Forest or Bust Cover Letter

Forest or Bust Manuscript

Wesley’s Wobbly Toof
4-7 301

Wesley’s Wobbly Toof is a humorous recount of Wesley’s first encounter with the wonderful wobbliness of his first loose toof. His dad explains to Wesley about losing baby teeth to make way for adult teeth. When Wesley’s toof falls out on his pillow his dad places it in a jar of water to wait for the Toof Fairy.

Wesley Cover Letter

Wesley Manuscript

Where Ya Goin’?
3-7 444

Echidna goes goes for a ride in his rickety bus with a bag of marshmallows and is soon joined by some gals and fellas. This whimsical pilgrimage of Aussie animals ends up at Kangaroo’s place for a bar-b-que, where with the help of Echidnas’ spines, they cook marshmallows and party all night. The story embraces the themes of friendship, acceptance and togetherness.

Where Ya Goin? Cover Letter

Where Ya Goin? Manuscript