Maximus Feedback


A quick note to let you know my daughter has been reading Maximus all evening – doesn’t want to put it down!!!

Just found some ‘reading time’ while my 2yo granddaughter slept. Truly loved your book. You do have a unique knowledge and understanding of kids. Some truly touching sections. Can’t wait to now give it to my grandsons.. just had to read it first.

My nephew was racing through your book as soon as we got home and couldn’t be interrupted.

My son has had his head stuck in the book at every opportunity since we left the signing this afternoon and coming to tell me how much he’s enjoying it was his excuse for getting out of bed tonight.

Just wanted to let you know that the book is a big success in our house! Tonight my son wanted to read me the Popping Candy chapter, which came with lots of giggling at all the things that tickled his sense of humour and various reenactments of his interpretation of things you wrote about, from a cat freaking out to a bath bomb fizzling (bet you’ve never seen a human bath bomb before!). He says the book is “AWESOME!!!” and he loves how Mitch started out with lots of problems and by this stage of the book, he’s managed to bring about changes.

Understands kids


Steve Heron is a gifted author – Maximus is a must buy for teachers and parents. Steve understands kids and writes stories which capture their minds whilst teaching their hearts how to love themselves and others.

Penny Crossland (Teacher @ All Saints College)


Man with a mission


“Steve Heron is a man with a mission. He is the force behind the nationally recognised BUZ program in primary schools. A program that has helped thousands of kids to build positive relationships and develop social and emotional skills. Steve’s creativity is embedded within a true passion for wellbeing and a wealth of wisdom. I believe his books will engage, delight and inspire young people Australia wide”

Dr Helen Street

Education Consultant & Positive Schools Founder