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You never quite know where the help or support you need is going to come from. This is exactly what happened to Mitch, as far as Mitch was concerned life sucked and that was just how it was. Through an incredible friendship with the most unlikely character Mitch was able to start seeing life in a different way. He was able to look at things through new eyes, and experience things in a different way. This allowed Mitch to start to enjoy life in a way he hadn’t for a long time.
Mitch is a very believable character with family problems that could be happening in any home. This book showed Mitch that there are things that happen that he doesn’t understand but still impact on his life, and he learnt the importance of talking about problems with someone to help work through them.
This is a well-written book and I would highly recommend this book to children aged 10+. Resources on the publisher’s website include: Maximus class activity, teacher’s notes and curriculum notes.
Karen Colliver

Sam from Lamont Books

This book will really resonate with readers, particularly those that might be going through a rough patch and feel isolated in their troubles.

Mitch thinks that the whole world is against him. Not only is he having trouble with the kids at school, but his life at home is just as frustrating. His FIFO Dad has changed and is now always angry and volatile, and his relationship and interactions with his little sister just annoy him. The only thing that brings him peace and happiness is the magpie, who he names Maximus, that now keeps frequenting his backyard.

It is not until Mitch has a massive meltdown, and lets all his built up anger and frustration out, that things start to turn around for him. This book really does highlight that there are people around all of us that are there to help, and each and every person has their own struggles that they deal with in different ways.

It has extremely strong themes of friendships, loyalty, family conflict and conflict resolution, bullying and self-confidence, and it is a book that will suit all those aged 9 and above.

Reviewed by Sam

Maximus Feedback

A quick note to let you know my daughter has been reading Maximus all evening – doesn’t want to put it down!!!

Just found some ‘reading time’ while my 2yo granddaughter slept. Truly loved your book. You do have a unique knowledge and understanding of kids. Some truly touching sections. Can’t wait to now give it to my grandsons.. just had to read it first.

My nephew was racing through your book as soon as we got home and couldn’t be interrupted.

My son has had his head stuck in the book at every opportunity since we left the signing this afternoon and coming to tell me how much he’s enjoying it was his excuse for getting out of bed tonight.

Just wanted to let you know that the book is a big success in our house! Tonight my son wanted to read me the Popping Candy chapter, which came with lots of giggling at all the things that tickled his sense of humour and various reenactments of his interpretation of things you wrote about, from a cat freaking out to a bath bomb fizzling (bet you’ve never seen a human bath bomb before!). He says the book is “AWESOME!!!” and he loves how Mitch started out with lots of problems and by this stage of the book, he’s managed to bring about changes.

Understands kids

Steve Heron is a gifted author – Maximus is a must buy for teachers and parents. Steve understands kids and writes stories which capture their minds whilst teaching their hearts how to love themselves and others.

Penny Crossland (Teacher @ All Saints College)


Man with a mission

“Steve Heron is a man with a mission. He is the force behind the nationally recognised BUZ program in primary schools. A program that has helped thousands of kids to build positive relationships and develop social and emotional skills. Steve’s creativity is embedded within a true passion for wellbeing and a wealth of wisdom. I believe his books will engage, delight and inspire young people Australia wide”

Dr Helen Street

Education Consultant & Positive Schools Founder