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One Thousand Snapshots 
Winner – Australian Association of Family Therapy Book Award 2022 (younger readers). Shortlisted in the WA Premiers Book Awards Writing for Children 2021 and the Children’s Peace Literature Awards 2023
“Sometimes you need a special friend to give you wings …”
Where Ya Goin’?
Shortlisted – Speech Pathology of Australia Book Awards 2022
“When your brain and heart are at play, imagination will come your way.”
Ling Li’s Lantern
Winner of Northern Lights Book Awards 2021 (All ages picture book)

1. Wings in The Wind

Yrs 4-6 (1hr)

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and hope in this exciting writing workshop. Dive into the world of Steve Heron’s award-winningmiddle-grade novel

“One Thousand Snapshots”. Explore the themes of grief, friendship, stereotypes, and pre-adolescence as you learn how to use the W.I.N.G.S. acronym to craft captivating stories full of creativity and description.

Soar to new heights as you discover the mantra,

“Hope is wings in the wind.”

2. Grow Your Writing Wings (Yrs 4-6) (1hr)

Reach new heights in your writing with this emotional escapade based on Steve Heron’s middle-grade novel “MAXIMUS”, the first book in the captivating Bayside Blues series. In this workshop, children will not only learn how to explore emotions through descriptive writing (show, don’t tell) they will pick up cues to process and regulate their feelings.

“Sometimes you need a special friend to give you wings …”

3. Where Ya Goin’? Workshop

(Yrs 1-4) (1 hr)

A wild and whimsical adventure through the Australian outback in this fun-filled writing workshop. Celebrate the magic of friendship and explore the quirky world of outback animals. Get ready to follow Echidna’s journey with a big bag of marshmallows in his rickety old bus. Unleash your creativity and imagination as you discover the joys of storytelling! Have a blast writing humorous stanzas about the most lovable Aussie creatures, based on Steve’s beloved “Where Ya Goin’?” illustrated by Matty Mitchell.

4. What If? Workshop

(Yrs 3-5) (1 hr)

A workshop that lets children’s writing imagination run wild. The magical question “What If?” will spark children’s creativity to write ridiculously humorous stanzas that will make their friends roll on the floor with laughter. But that’s not all, we’ll dive into the wacky world of “Where Ya Goin’? and discover the secrets to writing Aussie creature humour.

“When your brain and heart are at play, imagination will come your way.”

5. Let Your Kindness Shine

(Yrs 1-4) (1 hr)

Unlock the power of kindness and compassion in this inspiring workshop for children. Join Ling Li on her quest to demonstrate her wisdom. Based on Steve Heron’s award-winning picture book “Ling Li’s Lantern” and illustrated by Benjamin Johnston, you’ll learn how to fill the world with kindness through your words. Lantern decorating can be added to the workshop for an extra $1.20 per child. “Wisdom without compassion is like a lantern without a flame.”

6. Love Finds a Way

An interactive and creative workshop that explores communicating with our grandparents and loved ones. Based on Steve’s book “Dropping a Stitch” that touches on communicating with a loved one living with dementia. Children will write poetry expressing the many ways of showing love and kindness.

“Love always finds a way to connect.”

7. Stuff Sucks: Supercharged Journal Writing

(Yrs 4-6) (1 hr)

Join the wondrous adventure into the world of “Freak the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick. Fuel your imagination with readings from “MAXIMUS” and “ONE THOUSAND SNAPSHOTS,” and learn how to turn even the toughest truths into creative expression through journaling, poetry, and writing. Discover the hero within as you conquer the unvanquished truths and unlock your writing superpowers!

8. The (F)Art of Writing Funny Stuff

Nursery Crimes, Slimes and Nursery Wrongs:

(Yrs 4-6) (1hr)

Unleash the laughter with this hilarious writing workshop for kids. Explore the world of writing humour and discussing what makes kids laugh. Children will learn how to tickle the funny bone in their writing by focusing on using literary devices to add humour. An unforgettable experience filled with references to “Where Ya Goin’?” and some of Steve’s unpublished manuscripts. Get ready for side-splitting laughter and a whole lot of fun as we delve into the art of writing funny stuff!

9. WOW – Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith

(Yrs 5-7 (3hr master class)

Get ready for a wild and wacky ride into the world of words with Wilberforce Oswald Wordbender’s Astounding Athenaeum.

Dive into the amazing world of dino literary devices; alliteration, rhymes, poetry, haikus, cinquains, puns, jokes, tongue twisters, nonsense words, and more. This advanced writing workshop is guaranteed to bring out your inner wordsmith and unleash your creativity in a fun-filled and memorable experience. Join the celebration of literary buffoonery and writery brilliance!

10. Don’t Press My Buttons

(P to Yr 3) (45 mins to 1hr)

Join Branson on his exciting journey as he discovers his BREATHE button and learns to be the boss of his emotions. Based on the upcoming book “Don’t Press My Buttons,” this workshop is a playful and educational adventure through the fascinating world of feelings. Explore the principles of emotional intelligence, body language, and self-regulation through singing, writing, and, of course, button pressing! With concepts crafted in a fun and memorable way, this workshop promises to be a thrilling experience that will help children master their emotions and unleash their potential.

11. Honouring Our Heroes: Anzac Writing Tribute

(Yrs 4-6) (1 hr) (Term 1 and early Term 2 only)

A heartwarming and interactive journey into the Anzac legacy. Explore the references to Anzac in “Maximus” and delve into Mitch’s Anzac Project Swag. Pay tribute to our heroes through poetry and writing as we uncover the symbols and memories of Anzac Day.  This workshop is dedicated to honouring the spirit of Anzac.

The author has permission to use “Anzac” from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Available for whole week residencies. (Contact Steve for enquiries)


A. Writing Dashing Dialogue – (1-1.5 hrs)

Bring Your Characters to Life: A Masterclass in Crafting Engaging Dialogue.

B. Unleash the Emotions: Descriptive Writing (1.5 hrs)

(Adult version of Grow Your Writing Wings Workshop—descriptive writing)

C. A Children’s Book is a Compass

(30 min talk or 1-1.5hr workshop)

Children’s books are not necessarily about ending happily ever after; they are more about rousing hope.

D. The Journey of a Picture Book from idea to publication (1 hr)

Follow the publishing journey of Steve’s award-winning picture book “Ling Li’s Lantern”.

E. Grow your Kid’s Wings (1.5 hrs)

(Parents and Educators) The socio-emotional learning in ‘Maximus’ and ‘One Thousand

Snapshots’ & the BUZ Five Nutrients for Social & Emotional Wellbeing ©

F. How to Turn Your Word Vomit into a Polished Piece (1-1.5 hrs)

The writing process from the first draft to editing to a submittable manuscript.

G. Balancing the Power

     – Beyond Bullyproofing (1.5 hrs)

(Parents and Educators) The Art of Social Confidence in Children (includes the ‘BUZ Gimme 5’ © way of Bullyproofing)

H. Agro and Emo

– Helping kids on the emotional rollercoaster (1.5 hrs) (Parents and Educators)

I. Helping Kids Solve Fights and Restore Relationships (1.5 hrs) (Parents and Educators)

Restorative practices (includes the ‘BUZ Hopscotch method of conflict resolution’ ©)

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