Dropping a Stitch

I am not an expert on Dementia, so why did I write a children's book about it? Some time ago, I attended a garage sale that resembled a deceased estate sale, but the elderly lady owner was alive and about to move to a nursing home. I sensed her pain and anguish as she watched her daughter sell items to...Read More


by Steve Heron OAM “Hope is wings in the wind.” In my third novel of the Bayside Blues series, Busted Curse, (yet to be published), a group of friends discover a box in a secret cellar of an old (haunted) house they are exploring. Before opening the box, Maddy jokingly says that the box might contain a curse like Pandora’s...Read More

A Children’s Book is a Compass

By Steve Heron OAM No one is told any story but their own. –from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. When I look back at the books I loved as a child, one that stands out is “Tootle”, a Little Golden Book. I wasn’t sure why it stood out until I reread it for the...Read More