A Children’s Book is a Compass

By Steve Heron OAM No one is told any story but their own. –from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. When I look back at the books I loved as a child, one that stands out is “Tootle”, a Little Golden Book. I wasn’t sure why it stood out until I reread it for the...Read More


by Steve Heron OAM Maximus, middle-grade novel has sound psychological concepts underpinning the narrative and an informed social and emotional wellbeing context. Maximus has been referred to as a book about bullying. It is interesting that the word ‘bully’ appears only once in the story when Mitch calls his dad a bully when he yells at his little sister Megan....Read More


MAXIMUS Sometimes you need a special friend to give you wings … I am so pumped to announce that my first middle grade novel will be published in late January 2018 by Serenity Press. Mitch says stuff sucks. His life had been turned upside down since his dad started working FIFO at the mines. From a messy bedroom to a...Read More